Blog 2: Keeping the Body Healthy

The Nature’s Healer Way to Keep the Body Healthy


After our last post’s guide to looking after our mental health, this time we’re centring back to the physical body. We’re committed in wellness and our products, rich in cannabinoids, can help you find this balance both inside and out. Combined with our favourite tips, Nature’s Healer can help you to help you live your happiest life.

Keep it Moving

If you’re anything like us, you’re currently working your way through the numerous home workouts all over the internet so stay fit during this period of self-isolation. It can be hard to maintain the discipline to keep active during such a crazy time, but making yourself a routine can help ensure that you remember to move your body each day. Try carving out an hour in the morning or evening every day to make time to get those endorphins in. Sometimes this might be an intense HIIT workout, or maybe it’s a power yoga flow. Some days this might just be putting on your favourite songs and dancing around your living room! Your body’s energy levels may change day to day, but you can still find a way to move that works for however you’re feeling. Your body will thank you for it: after all, in the words of Elle Woods, endorphins make you happy and cozy!

To help you revive and relieve your body after a workout, we recommend using our extra-strength Cool Menthol Muscle Balm. Our winning combination of hemp extract and menthol is rich in anti-inflammatory properties to help sooth sore muscles. Simply rub the balm in firm strokes to the affected area for a deep tissue muscle aid. Try incorporating this into your post-workout routine to ensure overall muscle wellbeing. Your body will thank us!

Eat Good, Feel Good

We’re big believes in the goodness of nature here at Nature’s Healer. Be mindful about what you put in your body can be the key to giving you a little boost day to day. It’s simple: eat good, feel good! And believe us, we’re not condemning a delicious pizza every now (the body know what the body wants!). But most of the time, we’re tried-and-tested fans of the rainbow method. This is where you try eat as many different colored fruit and veg as possible with your meals to ensure you’re getting the full range of vitamins the body needs to be its best. It’s a sure win with us; delicious and instagrammable. 

Our colourful and delicious CBD gummies can also help total body wellness. With no pesticides, no artificial colors, no agricultural contaminants in our range of products, you can be rest assured that you’re giving your body the revival and balance it deserves. Plus, they have the added bonus being vegan! So you’re not only doing a kindness to your body, but to the Earth, too.

Total Wellness

The ultimate self-care is giving your body the goodness it needs for balance. Our blend of hemp oil and Cannabidiol (CBD) is the perfect combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to encourage overall well-being and vitality. Antioxidants help prevent or delay cell damage and are super helpful in ensuring your body is looking, and feeling, great. 

Nature’s Healer products has 0.0 THC but rich in cannabinoids from our selectively grown organic hemp: what this means it you’re getting nature’s goodness promote total body wellbeing and ease discomfort without a ‘high’ or psychoactive effect. 

Try using our oral sprays in either delicious strawberry or refreshing spearmint flavor. The sprays contain a combination of MCT oil and ActivAloe: when absorbed by your body, these ingredients help promote overall balance and could ease your discomfort or pain. After 5 sprays in your mouth, wait half an hour, and see the results on your overall feeling of wellbeing. Effects may vary – every person’s body is different! – so take a few days to work out what’s the most effective dosage for you.