Testimonial 3

“I have been loving my Nature’s Healers products and have been using them consistently for 2 specific reasons. I hate to fly and, unfortunately, I have had to travel a lot in the past 18 months. I always get anxiety right before a trip and a friend recommended that I try Hemp. So I have been using NH 500mg spray as needed when I travel and it has really been calming my nerves! I don’t even need my pre-flight drink anymore.
I also have been using the 300mg muscle balm for my rheumatoid arthritis. I was diagnosed 10 years ago and have been on really heavy medication since then. I recently decided to seek healthier alternatives to my prescription medicine and have been using the Nature’s Healer balm as part of my treatment plan. It has really helped alleviate my usual aches and shooting pains. I am so grateful.”


~ Tina, 34, Philadelphia