Blog 1: Managing Anxiety & Stress

Nature’s Helpers Guide for Anxiety and Stress

Right now, we’re living in crazy times with enough ambiguity and uncertainty that anyone could feel stressed or scared. While working from home or social distancing, you may be looking for a way to calm the anxiety that may have flared up over the last few days. According to studies, CBD has been proved to lower anxiety, whether for a short-term solution or in suffers with chronic anxiety. Here at Nature’s Healer, we have a wonderful range of cannaboid-rich products with natural, honest ingredients to help preserve calm. Our all-natural range of hemp infused products, paired with our tried-and-tested general well-being tips, are sure to help ease you through these uncertain times.

Total Body Wellness

Physical health and mental health are intertwined. Stress and anxiety can often lead to other physical side effects, so you should work towards ensuring total, full-body wellness. You can’t beat the beautiful basics: eat well and intuitively, listen to your body, exercise, take care of yourself. To ensure your body and mind are feeling well, try incorporating antioxidants into your lifestyle. One of the most effective – believed to be even more beneficial as an antioxidant than even vitamins C & E, which have traditionally been regarded as the best – is CBD. Our sweet vegan gummies provide all the hemp antioxidant goodness in a tasty little package, to ensure your body’s balance.

Get Outside, Even in Quarantine

As a fully organic, natural brand, we’re big believers in the power of nature. Whilst we’re in quarantine, it can be hard to find moments of peace and connect with the wider world. Whilst unable to leave your home, some ways to get your daily nature fix can be taking your work out into the yard to get yourself that much needed vitamin D, or even ensuring you crack open a window to let fresh air circulate and hear the soothing sounds of the outside world.
Stick to a Sleep Routine
Anxiety and stress can disrupt sleep, which can cause a further cycle of stress. There are numerous ways to help create a productive sleep schedule, including avoiding using screens or eating an hour before sleep, keeping work out of the bedroom, and ensure you’ve had an hour exercise every day. Studies have also shown that CBD can improve your sleep, helping alleviate insomnia, too; we recommend trying our Spearmint oral spray 30 minutes before bed. This hemp-infused oral spray is combined with MCT oil and ActivAloe, helping to give you an overall sense of calmness and a better night’s sleep.

Self Care

Sometimes distracting yourself from the cause of what’s causing stress or anxiety can help. At the moment, that might be as simple as turning off the news for a while! However, we also suggest ensuring that you feel good, outside as well as in. Our charcoal facemask extracts impurities whilst the help extract has rich anti-inflammatory properties that can help calm any flare ups caused by stress. You’ve been given the gift of time, so use it to fight impurities and give yourself some much-deserved self care.