Blog 3: Earth Day

Earth Day: Lessons for a Greener Life


Every year, Earth Day allows us a moment to take a step back from our crazy lives and appreciate all the wonderful things about this beautiful planet that we are lucky enough to call our home. However, as conversations about climate change continue to increase in frequency and urgency, this Earth Day – more than ever – it’s important to reflect on what we can do to help preserve our planet in all its beauty. Here at Nature’s Healer, we believe in the power of nature. We’ve put together some simple lessons to help you live a cleaner, greener life, so you can believe in it, too.

  1. Purchase Mindfully

The food and produce that you buy can have a major impact on our planet. It can be hard to know the impact of the things you’re purchasing, but there are some simple ways to help reduce the impact of the thing you buy. For example, buying seasonal, local produce helps reduce the carbon footprint. Buying organic helps reduce the numbers of chemicals in the soil, and may be healthier for you. You should always look for sustainable, fair-trade, and environmentally friendly products which helps both the planet and the economy. At Nature’s Healer, we’re mindful and considerate of the impact we have on our planet, so you know that when you use one of our products, you’re doing the best for your body and the environment. Our farms use organic and sustainable practices to ensure plants are responsibly grown and free of pesticides. Also, everything at Nature’s Healer is made in the USA, so you can buy American to support our economy and know that we’ve done our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. 

  1. Save the Bees!

Sometimes these conversations on climate change can seem overwhelming and terrifying. In those moments, be kind to yourself and try applying 5 sprays of Nature’s Healer Oral Sprays directly in your mouth for relief from anxious feelings and to promote an overall feeling of calm. But there are also little things you can do to help take control of the situation and know that you’re doing what you can to help our planet. One of the most impactful environmental initiative you can take up is helping save our bees, which are vital to pollination but have been dying our due to the use of pesticides (another reason to buy organic!). You can help save the bees by buying organic honey, or optimising your garden to be bee friendly. For example, bees love lavender as it’s rich in nectar; so not only will you have a beautiful and fresh-smelling garden, you’ll also be helping the planet. A dose of our Strawberry Flavored Oral Spray and some gardening sounds like a perfectly relaxing afternoon that’s good for the planet, too!

  1. Save Water, Save Electricity 

Being more mindful and aware of what you use day to day can help reduce your impact on the environment. We’ve all heard the basic – but effective – tips around turning lights off when you leave the room and not leaving the tap running when you’re brushing your teeth. These things do make a massive difference to our planet and shouldn’t be overlooked or forgotten. But there are even more ingenious ways of making your everyday routine more environmentally sustainable. Our No-Rinse Pet Shampoo is a great example of innovation helping sustainability: you can give your furry friend the clean, luscious coat they deserve, as well as reducing your water usage to help the planet. It’s a win-win!

Earth Day is a great excuse to reflect on our habits and practices. With all the current uncertainty and nervousness about our future, take back control of your wellbeing and do your bit for our beautiful, natural home with Nature’s Healer. Exploring natural alternatives to your everyday habits helps promote and develop a better relationship with our planet, which will make you feel great, too.