Promote Your Pet’s Health

You’re probably spending more time than ever with your furry friends, which is a dream come true for most. However, whilst we’re all grateful to spend so much time with our pets, this may not the most relaxed environment for them: your cat or dog may not be used to having people around so much during the day (especially if there’s kids at home), or maybe they’re picking up on stress their owners are understandably feeling during these strange times.  

Studies have shown that our pets can pick up on any residual stress or anxiety that we may be feeling. Whilst its known that stroking a cat or dog can help relieve anxiety and loneliness in people, it’s important that we recognise that some of our emotional upset can be felt by our furry friends. You can take a look at our previous blogposts for some tips on how Nature’s Healer can help boost your overall wellness, but now we’re turning our attention to all our cool cats and kittens (and dogs!) to look at what we can do maintain our pets’ calm and vitality and help create a better environment for both us and them.

Easing Anxiety in Pets

At Nature’s Healer, we have some amazing products specifically created to help calm the mood of your pets. If your dog or cat is experiencing symptoms of stress, we recommend our Calming Pet Biscuits, which come in either delicious banana or bacon flavour. Chose a flavour your pet will love and refer to our recommended dosage based on their body weight. These Calming Pet Biscuits feature a blend of natural hemp extract and valerian root, which will help make your pet feel comfortable and calm in a stressful environment. (And they’ll certainly enjoy the tasty treat, too!) As always, with 0.00 TCH in all our products, you know that your pet will be getting the best natural ingredients to help boost their overall wellness. 

Respond Quickly to Pet Nervousness

Like us, pets can have bad days. Some environmental factors that we might not even register could trigger stress in your pet. For quick relief to help sooth your cat or dog’s mood, try our specialised Bacon Flavour Pet Spray. We use all natural, full spectrum hemp extract in these sprays to help balance your pet’s wellness and mood. Both safe for your pets and plant-based, you can apply this spray directly into your pet’s mouth or on to their food using our recommended dosages (found in our product descriptions online). This could help give rapid relief to your pet’s mood and offer some comfort, as well as promote their natural balance day to day. The great news is that this handy spray can also help ease your pet’s nervousness during travel, for a more enjoyable experience for you both.

Aches and Pains

Spending more time with your pet might have caused you to notice some discomfort that they have, or perhaps you now have the time to explore alternative ways to ensure your pet’s overall vitality. Good news is we have a delicious and effective way to support hip and joint health in your pet. Our Hip & Joint Health Biscuits are specially formulated with full spectrum hemp extract, glucosamine and other natural ingredients. These are rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties and essential nutrients to boost and support your pet’s overall wellbeing. Try giving your pet one biscuit per 25lbs of body weight to help support their joint health, ease joint stiffness, and protect connective tissue in your pet. In delicious peanut butter flavour, your pet will certainly approve of these baked biscuits, too!

Treat Your Pet

How often do we get this much time to give back all the love our pets show us? Now, we have more time than ever to invest in the wellness of our furry companions. Give your pet the pamper they deserve and keep their coats beautiful, clean, and glossy with a high quality shampoo. Our premium formula No Rinse Pet Shampoo 150mg nourishes your dog or cat’s coat without drying out their skin. This premium formula hemp infused shampoo is the perfect way to treat your pet in both mind and body. The added bonus is that taking the time to treat your pet and spend some quality time together will be as nice for you as it will be for them!

We’re all loving this extra time with our furry friends, but it’s important to ensure our pets are enjoying it just as much as we are by protecting and boosting their overall wellbeing for a happier, calmer furry companion.

Earth Day: Lessons for a Greener Life


Every year, Earth Day allows us a moment to take a step back from our crazy lives and appreciate all the wonderful things about this beautiful planet that we are lucky enough to call our home. However, as conversations about climate change continue to increase in frequency and urgency, this Earth Day – more than ever – it’s important to reflect on what we can do to help preserve our planet in all its beauty. Here at Nature’s Healer, we believe in the power of nature. We’ve put together some simple lessons to help you live a cleaner, greener life, so you can believe in it, too.

  1. Purchase Mindfully

The food and produce that you buy can have a major impact on our planet. It can be hard to know the impact of the things you’re purchasing, but there are some simple ways to help reduce the impact of the thing you buy. For example, buying seasonal, local produce helps reduce the carbon footprint. Buying organic helps reduce the numbers of chemicals in the soil, and may be healthier for you. You should always look for sustainable, fair-trade, and environmentally friendly products which helps both the planet and the economy. At Nature’s Healer, we’re mindful and considerate of the impact we have on our planet, so you know that when you use one of our products, you’re doing the best for your body and the environment. Our farms use organic and sustainable practices to ensure plants are responsibly grown and free of pesticides. Also, everything at Nature’s Healer is made in the USA, so you can buy American to support our economy and know that we’ve done our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. 

  1. Save the Bees!

Sometimes these conversations on climate change can seem overwhelming and terrifying. In those moments, be kind to yourself and try applying 5 sprays of Nature’s Healer Oral Sprays directly in your mouth for relief from anxious feelings and to promote an overall feeling of calm. But there are also little things you can do to help take control of the situation and know that you’re doing what you can to help our planet. One of the most impactful environmental initiative you can take up is helping save our bees, which are vital to pollination but have been dying our due to the use of pesticides (another reason to buy organic!). You can help save the bees by buying organic honey, or optimising your garden to be bee friendly. For example, bees love lavender as it’s rich in nectar; so not only will you have a beautiful and fresh-smelling garden, you’ll also be helping the planet. A dose of our Strawberry Flavored Oral Spray and some gardening sounds like a perfectly relaxing afternoon that’s good for the planet, too!

  1. Save Water, Save Electricity 

Being more mindful and aware of what you use day to day can help reduce your impact on the environment. We’ve all heard the basic – but effective – tips around turning lights off when you leave the room and not leaving the tap running when you’re brushing your teeth. These things do make a massive difference to our planet and shouldn’t be overlooked or forgotten. But there are even more ingenious ways of making your everyday routine more environmentally sustainable. Our No-Rinse Pet Shampoo is a great example of innovation helping sustainability: you can give your furry friend the clean, luscious coat they deserve, as well as reducing your water usage to help the planet. It’s a win-win!

Earth Day is a great excuse to reflect on our habits and practices. With all the current uncertainty and nervousness about our future, take back control of your wellbeing and do your bit for our beautiful, natural home with Nature’s Healer. Exploring natural alternatives to your everyday habits helps promote and develop a better relationship with our planet, which will make you feel great, too.

The Nature’s Healer Way to Keep the Body Healthy


After our last post’s guide to looking after our mental health, this time we’re centring back to the physical body. We’re committed in wellness and our products, rich in cannabinoids, can help you find this balance both inside and out. Combined with our favourite tips, Nature’s Healer can help you to help you live your happiest life.

Keep it Moving

If you’re anything like us, you’re currently working your way through the numerous home workouts all over the internet so stay fit during this period of self-isolation. It can be hard to maintain the discipline to keep active during such a crazy time, but making yourself a routine can help ensure that you remember to move your body each day. Try carving out an hour in the morning or evening every day to make time to get those endorphins in. Sometimes this might be an intense HIIT workout, or maybe it’s a power yoga flow. Some days this might just be putting on your favourite songs and dancing around your living room! Your body’s energy levels may change day to day, but you can still find a way to move that works for however you’re feeling. Your body will thank you for it: after all, in the words of Elle Woods, endorphins make you happy and cozy!

To help you revive and relieve your body after a workout, we recommend using our extra-strength Cool Menthol Muscle Balm. Our winning combination of hemp extract and menthol is rich in anti-inflammatory properties to help sooth sore muscles. Simply rub the balm in firm strokes to the affected area for a deep tissue muscle aid. Try incorporating this into your post-workout routine to ensure overall muscle wellbeing. Your body will thank us!

Eat Good, Feel Good

We’re big believes in the goodness of nature here at Nature’s Healer. Be mindful about what you put in your body can be the key to giving you a little boost day to day. It’s simple: eat good, feel good! And believe us, we’re not condemning a delicious pizza every now (the body know what the body wants!). But most of the time, we’re tried-and-tested fans of the rainbow method. This is where you try eat as many different colored fruit and veg as possible with your meals to ensure you’re getting the full range of vitamins the body needs to be its best. It’s a sure win with us; delicious and instagrammable. 

Our colourful and delicious CBD gummies can also help total body wellness. With no pesticides, no artificial colors, no agricultural contaminants in our range of products, you can be rest assured that you’re giving your body the revival and balance it deserves. Plus, they have the added bonus being vegan! So you’re not only doing a kindness to your body, but to the Earth, too.

Total Wellness

The ultimate self-care is giving your body the goodness it needs for balance. Our blend of hemp oil and Cannabidiol (CBD) is the perfect combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to encourage overall well-being and vitality. Antioxidants help prevent or delay cell damage and are super helpful in ensuring your body is looking, and feeling, great. 

Nature’s Healer products has 0.0 THC but rich in cannabinoids from our selectively grown organic hemp: what this means it you’re getting nature’s goodness promote total body wellbeing and ease discomfort without a ‘high’ or psychoactive effect. 

Try using our oral sprays in either delicious strawberry or refreshing spearmint flavor. The sprays contain a combination of MCT oil and ActivAloe: when absorbed by your body, these ingredients help promote overall balance and could ease your discomfort or pain. After 5 sprays in your mouth, wait half an hour, and see the results on your overall feeling of wellbeing. Effects may vary – every person’s body is different! – so take a few days to work out what’s the most effective dosage for you.

Nature’s Helpers Guide for Anxiety and Stress

Right now, we’re living in crazy times with enough ambiguity and uncertainty that anyone could feel stressed or scared. While working from home or social distancing, you may be looking for a way to calm the anxiety that may have flared up over the last few days. According to studies, CBD has been proved to lower anxiety, whether for a short-term solution or in suffers with chronic anxiety. Here at Nature’s Healer, we have a wonderful range of cannaboid-rich products with natural, honest ingredients to help preserve calm. Our all-natural range of hemp infused products, paired with our tried-and-tested general well-being tips, are sure to help ease you through these uncertain times.

Total Body Wellness

Physical health and mental health are intertwined. Stress and anxiety can often lead to other physical side effects, so you should work towards ensuring total, full-body wellness. You can’t beat the beautiful basics: eat well and intuitively, listen to your body, exercise, take care of yourself. To ensure your body and mind are feeling well, try incorporating antioxidants into your lifestyle. One of the most effective – believed to be even more beneficial as an antioxidant than even vitamins C & E, which have traditionally been regarded as the best – is CBD. Our sweet vegan gummies provide all the hemp antioxidant goodness in a tasty little package, to ensure your body’s balance.

Get Outside, Even in Quarantine

As a fully organic, natural brand, we’re big believers in the power of nature. Whilst we’re in quarantine, it can be hard to find moments of peace and connect with the wider world. Whilst unable to leave your home, some ways to get your daily nature fix can be taking your work out into the yard to get yourself that much needed vitamin D, or even ensuring you crack open a window to let fresh air circulate and hear the soothing sounds of the outside world.
Stick to a Sleep Routine
Anxiety and stress can disrupt sleep, which can cause a further cycle of stress. There are numerous ways to help create a productive sleep schedule, including avoiding using screens or eating an hour before sleep, keeping work out of the bedroom, and ensure you’ve had an hour exercise every day. Studies have also shown that CBD can improve your sleep, helping alleviate insomnia, too; we recommend trying our Spearmint oral spray 30 minutes before bed. This hemp-infused oral spray is combined with MCT oil and ActivAloe, helping to give you an overall sense of calmness and a better night’s sleep.

Self Care

Sometimes distracting yourself from the cause of what’s causing stress or anxiety can help. At the moment, that might be as simple as turning off the news for a while! However, we also suggest ensuring that you feel good, outside as well as in. Our charcoal facemask extracts impurities whilst the help extract has rich anti-inflammatory properties that can help calm any flare ups caused by stress. You’ve been given the gift of time, so use it to fight impurities and give yourself some much-deserved self care.

Plant the seed! Grow with us as we explore all that Nature has to offer.