Our Story

“The core of all great companies is built on quality products, long-lasting relationships and excellent customer service”

-Mike & Avi, founders

We are a minority owned, family operated business based in sunny California.  With over 60 years of experience in manufacturing & distribution combined, and over 20 years of friendship, our founders set off to explore the world of hemp, focused and passionate about creating the purest, highest quality natural products to promote human & pet health.

After 2 years of traveling to different farms and labs throughout the United States to find the most eco-friendly, state of the art farm and extraction process.  Nature’s Healer was founded in 2017.  As we grow, we will continue to invest in the research & development of new products, consulting with researchers from world renowned universities to explore the potential of cannabinoids as an alternative and natural approach to optimizing health.


Nature’s Healer blossomed from the belief that natural alternatives can provide relief and comfort often searched for in traditional medicine.

We believe in the power of nature. We believe in holistic remedy.


All of our products are grown and produced by farms that share our same core belief – that Nature can Heal. Our hemp is planted, cultivated, and harvested with love & care, using organic and sustainable practices. Our whole plant extraction ensures that all the benefits of our full spectrum hemp oil are preserved and no part of the plant is wasted.

0 pesticides. 0 contaminants. 0 harm.



Craft quality hemp-derived products with one goal – Provide natural relief and comfort to those who are seeking it. All our products come stamped with a lot & batch number so you can be sure that what you are receiving is authentic.  0.00% THC Natural Goodness

Plant the seed! Grow with us as we explore all that Nature has to offer.